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Identity Milling Center


At Identity Design & Milling Center, we are experts in the design and milling process. We work closely with each client, making sure we fully understand the specifications and we have a complete set of files and instructions before we begin the job. As specialists in both milling and design, we can deliver results that meet your requirements quickly and economically, resulting in a better experience for everyone involved!

Our Services

Our Services


We create Zirconia crowns, bridges, and copings because of the many benefits associated with this material.  Zirconia crowns and other dental restorations offer a number of benefits for the dentist and the patient.

Some of these benefits include:


Excellent Quality


Zirconia is known in the industry as a quality material for creating dental products and milling them to precise specifications. It’s also proven to be durable and strong for the patient, which means a longer-lasting solution the patient can be pleased with.


Smooth Surface


If you already have any dental crowns or implants, you know how important it is that the surface of your restoration be smooth, not rough. Zirconia products can be finished to a natural, comfortable surface texture for a smooth finish dental patients will appreciate.



Comfortable Fit


Dental restorations need to fit well, otherwise the patient can experience a degree of discomfort. With zirconia products, dental professionals can achieve a precise fit for a more comfortable experience for the patient, both during the dental procedure, and year after year.


Better Than Metal Products

For many dentists and patients alike, ceramic zirconia is far superior to metals, such as gold. This durable ceramic material is chemically unreactive, making it bio-compatible and the preferred choice for any patient with an allergy or even a mild sensitivity

to metal.


Aesthetic And Natural-looking

What’s more, zirconia products can be made to look like natural teeth, resulting in an attractive option that matches the rest of the patient’s teeth.

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